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Cheapest ThunderBolt Drive Hardware

Shopping for the absolutely cheapest ThunderBolt SSD or HDD drive to backup your computer with? Want to take advantage of your new Mac's ThunderBolt interface port but looking for an affordable, low-cost ThunderBolt drive to leverage some of Thunderbolt's ultra-fast data transfer speeds?

Here on this page we'll price track the absolutely lowest-price, dirt cheap ThunderBolt hard drive and solid-state SSD drive options currently available. We'll also keep track of the cheapest ThunderBolt RAID SSD and HDD backup drive solutions out in the marketplace.

Cheap ThunderBolt Hard Drive

Ever since the day it was introduced, the Buffalo ThunderBolt and USB 3.0 Interface Drive has been the low-cost winner for cheap ThunderBolt backups. Initially available in both 500 MB and 1 Terabyte sizes, there is now a 2TB drive at a competitive price. These combo interface drives are seeing a street price currently ranging from around $130 to $249.

Cheap COMBO Laptop Drive

USB 3.0 + ThunderBolt Interface

The addition of a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed port adds even more value and flexibility for backing up older Macs - or when transferring data onto a new Apple computer with either USB3 or ThunderBolt. It's a great combo interface drive solution for nearly any Macintosh. Buffalo includes a short .5 meter USB 3.0 and notably - a ThunderBolt cable which all too often are sold separately with a fair number of ThunderBolt drives. The inclusion of the ThunderBolt cable adds alot of value to make the Buffalo combo drive a great bargain.
Although the Buffalo drive uses a 2.5" laptop hard drive mechanism, they did choose one of the best performing Toshiba 5400 RPM drive models available. It's large onboard cache puts the drives raw performance right up there with many 7200 RPM drives. As with any single module HDD external ThunderBolt hard drive, the mechanical spinning platter drive mechanism itself is the primary bottleneck to truly peak Read/Write performance that USB 3.0's bi-directional and ThunderBolt's dual-channel interfaces are capable of. Still, for the average computer user, you'll see data transfer times reduced by 30% to 50% - significanly less backup time on a ThunderBolt port than you would over USB 2.0 or FireWire.

Cheap Combo ThunderBolt Drive

Hitachi's G-Technology group has been a great supporter of Intel and Apple's ThunderBolt interface. Here, in a sleek aluminum casing, the offer an affordable 1-Terabyte HDD with both ThunderBolt and a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface for versatility and flexibility.

1TB G-Technology G-Drive

USB 3.0 + ThunderBolt HDD

Cheap ThunderBolt SSD Drive

The past year has seen huge price drops in solid-state storage technology thanks to huge demand for NAND flash memory and economies of scale. That's led to some appealing prices and rather cheap ThunderBolt SSD exernal drives finally becoming available. ElGato has had 128 to 512 GB flash memory based drives available for some time, but they've failed to be truly price competitive. LaCie who clearly offers the cheapest ThunderBolt SSD of the few that are on the market with it's Rugged Thunderbolt SSD Drive. The 256GB version with free shipping making it the single most affordable SSD drive solution to better take advantage of the high-bandwidth of a ThunderBolt port.

LaCie Rugged SSD Drive

Integrated ThunderBolt Cable

In 2016, we're seeing alot of downward price pressure on solid-state drives. We're also seeing capacities of 512GB (~480GB Formatted) and 1TB (~960GB Formatted) finally offering the extended storage capacity that many cheap ThunderBolt SSD drive buyers want. We're also seeing optimal Read & Write speeds in the larger drives, as typically larger capacity SSD's are simply faster than smaller 128GB / 256GB drives with fewer banks of memory modules.

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