ThunderBolt Interface Convertors

ThunderBolt Drive Adaptor Solutions

These ThunderBolt convertors, adaptors and docks can help you leverage and preserve your existing investment in computer peripherals and storage hardware by bridging older interfaces to the high-speed ThunderBolt interface.

Multi-Interface ThunderBolt Adaptor

Akitio ThunderBolt Drive Dock

USB 3.0 - FireWire 800 - eSATA

For well under $200, Akitio has come up with a very versatile, multiple-interface ThunderBolt dock that supports ThunderBolt to FireWire, USB 3.0, and eSATA connections for your legacy or newest drive storage hardware -- All packed in a very stylish case that compliments your Mac setup beautifully. It's a great way to preserve your investment in legacy storage products. Both original 10Gbps and a revised 20Gbps ThunderBolt 2 hub version is available.

Seagate ThunderBolt Adaptor For Laptop Drives

Seagate's use of a UDI - Universal Drive Interface - in GoFlex and Backup Plus desktop and portable hard drives gave them an early leg up in the ThunderBolt drive market. Seagate had already been shipping backup drive docks and cables with USB2, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed, eSata and FireWire connections. They recently shipped an updated GoFlex / Backup Plus ThunderBolt adaptor for the portable drive series, now priced around $80.

Lower Price - 2.5" SATA

ThunderBolt Drive Dock

You can simply push any bare, off-the-shelf SATA hard drive or SSD onto the connector for an instant ThunderBolt stoarge solution - or pair with a matching Seagate GoFlex or Backup Plus module of your choice. It only has a SINGLE ThunderBolt port for use the END of a daisy chain, or on a dedicated ThunderBolt port.

Seagate ThunderBolt Adaptor For Desktop Drives

For full-size 3.5" GoFlex Desk and Backup Plus drive modules, Seagate ships a larger ThunderBolt drive dock with DUAL pass-through ThunderBolt ports for use in - or at the end of a daisy-chain.

ThunderBolt Desktop Dock

GoFlex 3.5" ThunerBolt Adaptor

Both the above are avaliable as standalone adaptors - or as BUNDLES which include a drive, the ThunderBolt dock, and a 1.6m ThunderBolt cable all in one box. No need to purchase an Apple or 3rd-party ThunderBolt cable separately.

3TB ThunderBolt Drive

External Drive + Dock + Cable

ThunderBolt ExpressCard Adaptors

Sonnet Technologies is currently shipping their Sonnet Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adaptor. This external box can be used with a variety of 34mm PCI Express cards to support other drive interfaces from eSATA to FireWire 400/800 to USB 3.0 or USB2.

ThunderBolt eSATA Adaptors

LaCie - who is already shipping Little BigDisk Thunderbolt SSD and spinning platter ThunderBolt RAID drive solutions - announced the LaCie eSATA Thunderbolt Hub Series which is a ThunderBolt to eSATA converter. Dual eSATA drive ports combined with dual ThunderBolt pass-through ports on the rear of the device to allow daisy chaining other ThunderBolt adaptors, drives, monitors and accessories.

Belkin ThunderBolt Dock

Much like the ThunderBolt hub built into Apple's ThunderBolt Cinema Display - Belkin has delivered an external ThunderBolt drive and gadget docking station with a multitude of I/O ports. In addtion to ThunderBolt pass-through it includes three USB 3.0 ports, it includes a FireWire 800 port, Gigbit Ethernet, HDMI video and a 1/8" analog audio in and out jacks. This ThunderBolt adaptor was initially announced with only USB 2.0 ports, but was revised to SuperSpeed USB3. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drives and accessories have hit the mainstream. It was a smart move because otherwise the 10 times slower USB 2.0 ports on this ThunderBolt converter would have been 'too little, too late.'