External Thunderbolt2 Storage

2nd-Generation ThunderBolt 2 Storage Devices

By leveraging BOTH of the dual, bi-directional 10Gbps channels of the ThunderBolt computer interface, ThunderBolt 2 easily doubles the potential throughput of computer storage devices to 20Gbps while retaining compatibility with existing 10Gbps 1st generation ThunderBolt ports and cables. This physical compatibility with current connectors, cables and standards helps insure an easier transition to even-faster ThunderBolt2 peripherals and storage solutions without having to completely reengineer the significant ThunderBolt infrastructure that already exsists on tens of millions of computers.

SSD ThunderBolt 2 Drives

Now we're getting somewhere! The combination of moving to an internal PCIe connection combined with current state of the art solid-state drive modules is leaving SATA III-based external ThunderBolt SSD drives in the dust. LaCie's ThunderBolt 2 PCIe module SSD array is delivering unprecedented Read / Write speeds in a compact external drive enclosure that fits in the palm of your hand.

ThunderBolt 2 SSD RAID

Dual PCI SSD Modules

Poised to most-efficiently leverage the additional data bandwidth on-tap, the first ThunderBolt 2 SSD storage solution has just started shipping. The LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 utilizes a pair of cutting-edge PCIe based SSD modules that can exceed the data transfer rate limitations of the current 6Gbps SATA III standard. When paired in a striped RAID 0 array, this next-generation ThunderBolt 2 SSD drive can sustain file transfers in the 1200-1400 MB/s range with swift and silent solid-state flash memory technology.

ThunderBolt 2 Hard Disk Drives And Arrays

A single spinning-platter hard disk drive is generally a poor match compared to flash memory solid-state technology or a ThunderBolt interface's bandwidth. However, in hard drive based multi-drive striped RAID arrays we've seen spectacular data transfer rates and multi-terabyte capacities from this conventional, mechanical storage medium.

ThunderBolt 2 HDD+SSD HybridEnterprise ThunderBolt 2 RAIDLaCie ThunderBolt RAID Array
ThunderBolt2 Hybrid Drive

Pegasus ThunderBolt 2 RAID

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LaCie ThunderBolt 2 RAID

6TB and 12TB Drive Capacity

Promise Technologies was first out of the gate with the ONLY shipping ThunderBolt hard drive product for many, many months when the 1st generation ThunderBolt interface initially launched several years ago. True to form, the ThunderBolt 2 Pegasus 2 RAID second-generation drive is the first to market of any ThunderBolt 2 storage product and leverages four to eight high RPM mechanical drives with large on-board cache to take demanding and data intensive professional and enterprise storage capabilities to the next level.

LaCie has now shipped several HDD based ThunderBolt 2 products including the dual-drive 2Big TBolt2 and five-drive 5Big TBolt2 models. Of note the more affordable 2Big also features a UASP compatible SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port for greater versatility and flexibility in drive connectivity on computers old and new.

Though priced out of reach for most consumers, the LaCie 5Big and LittleBig Disk SSD and Pegasus 2 are simply history's first of many next-generation ThunderBolt2 storage solutions on the horizon. Eventually, economies of scale and increasingly widespread adoption will lead to more affordable and even faster ThunderBolt2 drive solutions for the average PC or Mac computing customer.